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Consumer Safety

Lead is a poison that can cause damage to the developing brain, nervous system, kidneys and other major organs. Children with lead poisoning may have learning and behavior problems that can last a lifetime.

lead scannerAlthough the most common source of lead poisoning in children is lead contaminated dust from paint or soil, consumer products can also be a problem. Young children are most commonly exposed to lead in consumer products from directly mouthing an object or by handling an object and then putting their hands in their mouth. See links below to learn more about products containing lead.


Surma is a significant source of lead poisoning among children in San Joaquin County.

Lead in Candy

Lead has been found in some consumer candies imported to the United States. Lead sometimes gets into the candy when the ingredients are improperly processed such as in drying, storing or grinding. In addition, the ink of the plastic or paper wrappers may contain lead that leaches into the candy. The FDA-recommended upper limit for lead in candy is 0.1 ppm.
It is not possible to tell if the candy has lead by either looking at it or tasting it. Eating even small amounts of lead can be harmful.



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